Tanium Rapid Deployment Services:

Fixed-fee Success in Three Weeks

Getting Tanium Implemented & Integrated (Intelligently)

If your organization is looking to adopt Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform to address critical systems management and security challenges, you’re making a wise investment. But getting the greatest return on that investment requires successfully adopting Tanium at scale, and translating its promised potential into real-world performance.

And that’s where Chuco can help — we have the team, experience, and engagement models that deliver client success — from “Day One,” to “Day One Thousand” — and beyond.

Tanium Deployments Done Right

As Tanium specialists, Chuco has developed a fixed fee program, tailored to deploying the software widely and correctly across your organization, leveraging best practices we’ve refined over hundreds of client engagements and projects.

When we engage, our team will work with yours to implement the core Tanium platform, install product modules, and configure clients across all of your endpoints.

In just three weeks your organization will be ready to put Tanium into production — with a solid foundation in place for long term success —and a services partner ready to support you long term.

Additional Chuco Services

Once Tanium is deployed, Chuco can support your long term success, offering tailored operationalization, support, and managed services:

  • Advisory Services: Assessing objectives, training staff, and setting direction for your long term Tanium success
  • Operational Managed Services: Offering patching, software install/update, asset inventory, reporting, and more
  • Security Managed Services: Offering risk assessment,
    vulnerability remediation, incident response, and more
  • Expanding Tanium Adoption / Use Cases: Replacing legacy systems, security hygiene, incident response, and more

Deployment Services In Detail

Chuco will facilitate the deployment of the Tanium platform. This includes configuration of the core Tanium platform as well as basic endpoint configuration that is required for all Tanium licensed product modules.

Key Work Streams Include

  • Configuration assistance for security agent exclusions
  • Configuration assistance for network firewall rules and settings
  • Configuration of identity provider and core authentication
  • Installation of Tanium modules and solutions
  • Advise on Tanium Client deployment
  • Implementation of baseline reporting and metrics
  • Identify requirements for internal Tanium training and provide recommendations

With proper planning, client participation, and pre-configuration activity coordinated by Chuco consultants, Tanium implementation projects can be executed in three weeks:

* Transition Materials & Deliverables Include:

  • Runbooks and recommended best practices documentation
  • Documentation of any material configuration changes and drivers
  • Review of reporting module and reporting outputs

Looking for a More Comprehensive Implementation?

Read more about Chuco’s Comprehensive Tanium Deployment services — A more extensive, tailored engagement. We not only bring you “live” on key modules, but deliver deeper customization and configuration of configurations, automations, and reporting. We also work closely with clients to test, validate and operationalize production processes. And we offer multiple levels of ongoing support.

Contact Us to Learn More

We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific Tanium objectives and to share more about how we can help your organization achieve them. Please reach out to learn more.