Tanium Deployment Services

Tailored Tanium Implementations

For organizations looking to adopt Tanium’s Converged Endpoint Management (XEM) platform to address critical systems management and security challenges, Chuco offers flexible deployment models designed to meet flexible scoping, timing, and budgetary requirements.

An independent consulting organization, 100% focused on Tanium, Chuco has the team, experience, best practices and project engagement models that deliver client success — from “Day One,” to “Day One Thousand” — and beyond.

Tanium Deployments — from “Stand Up” to Soar

When implementing Tanium, we work with clients to design and execute projects working from two foundational approaches:

  • Rapid Deployment — A quick, fixed fee program designed to get the core platform and key software modules deployed across scoped infrastructure. With just a few short weeks of focused, joint collaboration, client teams then take control of and responsibility over ongoing Tanium management.
  • Comprehensive Deployment — A more extensive, tailored engagement. We not only bring you “live” on key modules, but deliver deeper customization and configuration of configurations, automations, and reporting. We also work closely with clients to test, validate and operationalize production processes. And we offer multiple levels of ongoing support.

Rapid Deployment

Comprehensive Deployment

Project Scope


4 Weeks

1 – 3 Months


All Tanium modules supported. Chuco will deploy as many modules as scoped.

All Tanium modules supported. Chuco will deploy as many modules as scoped.

Client Coverage (Endpoints)

Proof-of-concept, baseline deployment. Scope sufficient to validate and test solution. Client provided roadmap to self-scale and manage.

All-inclusive deployment across scoped target systems (test and production environments). Significant testing and validation.

“Flex” Time / Scope

10 hours of additional consultant time available for un-scoped consulting or operational tasks.

Project scoped up front to address full range of client needs, including flex time.

Project Scope

Tanium Patch

Install module. Define maintenance windows. Configure patch lists. Validate functionality on test systems. Provide documentation for future client management and administration.

Full installation and validation across all scoped systems. Department-level maintenance window configuration. Active support to achieve target patch compliance levels.

Tanium Asset

Implementation on target systems. Create limited, functional reports.

Implementation across all scoped systems. Develop custom reports and sensors.

Tanium Deploy

Install Module. Support Limited to stock software packages offered in Tanium’s pre-defined library. Anti-virus tools excluded from scope.

Full installation. Includes development of custom installation packages, built to order. Anti-virus software included in scope.

Tanium Discover

Basic implementation and activation, enabling “stock/native” scanning profile.

Full deployment and testing. Creation of advanced, custom scanning profiles.


Tanium Threat Response

Deployment in test environment, as proof of concept validation.

Full deployment and testing. Data collection and filtering, alert configuration, performance tuning.


Tanium Reporting

Out-of-box Tanium reports and standard supplemental reports provided by Chuco.

Creation of custom reports, report formats, and dashboards based on client needs.


Tanium Training

20 hours of training included. Support includes functional education and hands-on assistance provided to client technical teams.

Tailored training, scoped to client needs. May include: process review, documentation, hands-on assistance, and other assistance.

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