Tanium Professional Services:

Taking Tanium to the Next Level

Why Engage a Professional Services Approach?

  1. Your organization has a specific pain point or project in mind (e.g. patching or OS upgrades)

  2. Your organization wants to accelerate existing Tanium project (or fix a project that’s hit unexpected obstacles)

  3. Your organization has short term staffing need (e.g. temporary loss of internal resource)

  4. Your organization has limited internal Tanium skill (e.g. an admin who is learning but could use assistance)

  5. Your organization wants to show management the work IT is doing and the ROI you are achieving with Tanium (e.g. reporting, proof of adoption and impact, or other metrics)

Chuco Professional Services for Tanium

When it comes to driving customer success with Tanium, Chuco’s significant experience means organizations consistently achieve the results they expect, on time and on budget. We offer a variety of services — including scoped project engagements and short-term staffing support.

In short, Chuco is the trusted partner you can count on to support you long term, throughout their key stages of your Tanium journey:

Adopting Tanium

Scaling Tanium

Increasing Tanium ROI

Reviewing technical and business objectives; developing plans

Use Cases
Addressing specific projects like OS patching and application updates

Developing audience-focused email notifications, reports and dashboards  

Proof of Concept
Executing pilot and test initiatives to prudently chart adoption strategy

Operationalizing / Steady State
Get well strategies; System break fix resolution

Performance and Stability
Optimizing Tanium usage, improving efficiency and process execution

Standing up Tanium modules and integrating across internal systems

Staff Augmentation / Training
Supplementing existing resources, or serving as part or full-time augment

Legacy Product Swap-outs
Replacing legacy tools with Tanium equivalents to further drive ROI

Translating the potential of Tanium into tangible results — achieving broad enterprise adoption, building on early success to tackle new opportunities, and addressing changing requirements over time — can be quite challenging. Chuco brings a unique mix of skill, technical capability and understanding to the mix.

Chuco expertise spans the
complete Tanium suite, from
endpoints to risk and beyond

Chuco emphasizes rigorous
project management and client communication practices

Chuco understands how to prove Tanium performance and ROI through savvy reporting

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We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific Tanium objectives and to share more about how we can help your organization achieve them. Please reach out to learn more.