ChucoCare for Tanium:

Service & Support Retainer

Protect Your Tanium Investment:

Support & Expertise On Demand

At Chuco, we live and breathe Tanium — and we have a track record that proves it. Our large team of TCO/TCA-certified experts has executed projects for over 100 companies across a diverse range of industries, including financial services, insurance, technology, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, transportation and more.

We serve customers ranging from small and medium businesses, to larger enterprises in the Fortune 10. Through years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of best practices to make organizations successful with Tanium at scale. And we regularly engaged with customers to handle day-to-day op

Take Exceptionally Good Care of Your Tanium Investment with “ChucoCare”

Tanium System Maintenance

Responsive Product Support

High-touch Training

Custom Documentation

On-demand Project Help

With ChucoCare, your organization gets access to a dedicated, “A-Team” of Tanium experts, ready to meet your evolving needs — from “Day One,” to “Day One Thousand” — and beyond. Configured to meet your specific needs, ChucoCare offers a flexible blend of expert Tanium system maintenance, responsive product support, high-touch training, custom documentation, and on-demand professional services assistance in tackling real-world projects.

A Single Point of Contact, Unlimited Possibilities

Your allocated ChucoCare hours are flexible — you can allocate them to the tasks and projects that best meet your needs. You can change priorities over time, and you can even increase hours as your adoption scales.

Tanium Administration
and Maintenance

  • Health Checks — Tanium and network
    architecture reviews; platform and endpoint performance analysis; security agent
    exclusion validation, firewall configuration assistance
  • Upgrades — Tanium platform, product
    module, and Tanium Client upgrade plans and best practices
  • Module Configuration — Product module configuration review, best practices
    recommendations and implementation

Tanium Use Case
and Project Execution

  • Use Case Development — regular review of existing use cases, regular identification of new use cases, implementation assistance, best practices review
  • Pilots — assistance with piloting new Tanium product modules or solutions.
  • Integrations — identification and
    implementation of 3rd party integrations.

Tanium Support

  • Helpdesk & Troubleshooting — L1 and L2 assistance with product issues
  • Advocacy — Interface with Tanium on
    issue escalation and resolution
  • Operations — basic assistance with day-to-day Tanium platform and product module operation.

Tanium Team Training

  • Vendor Training — Recommendations on and assistance with vendor-provided training options
  • Custom Training — regular Q&A sessions,
    office hours, dedicated custom training

Tanium Documentation
and Best Practices

  • Operations — Custom run book creation
    for operations and security teams
  • Configuration Management — Documentation of major Tanium configuration changes

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We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific Tanium objectives and to share how ChucoCare can help your organization achieve them. Please reach out to learn more.