Tailored Tanium Services

We Offer Total Tanium Service

From “Go-Live” to Thrive

Through years of hands-on experience, we’ve developed a deep understanding of what it takes to make organizations successful with Tanium at scale. In the process, we’ve developed extensive best practices for tackling common enterprise use cases and the skill to handle a variety of cutting-edge and one-off scenarios.

As we’ve grown, we’ve organized ourselves to work in the ways that best serve our clients. Often that means engaging on a specific project with an established timeline and defined goals.

Increasingly our customers have asked us to serve as a virtual member of their internal Tanium team. In response, we’ve created a new managed services engagement model we call Chuco Tanium Assurance. It offers even higher touch engagement from our team, on demand.

With Tanium Assurance, Chuco will scope and deliver a range of services and availability tailored to your organization’s specific needs, challenges and objectives.

So whether you’re starting your Tanium journey, or investing in an ambitious vision, we’re ready to support your long term success.

Engaging Chuco on a Specific Tanium Project

Connecting and Creating Success

Tanium provides IT with significant power. But translating that potential into practical results — achieving broad enterprise adoption, building on early success to tackle new opportunities, and addressing changing requirements over time — can be quite challenging.

And that’s why so many organizations turn to Chuco. We’re happy to work with your organization on specific projects.

When it comes to scoping projects accurately, our significant experience means you can rely on our judgement. We make recommendations based on best practices we’ve developed and lessons we’ve learned through years of successful Tanium projects.

We welcome the opportunity to explore your specific Tanium objectives and to share more about how we can help your organization achieve them.

Our team will work incredibly hard to ensure that our engagement with you is just the first of many.

Common Chuco Engagements:

Advisory Services
Assessing your objectives and helping set direction for your long term Tanium success

Tanium Server Deployment
Standing up Tanium server and endpoints

Tanium Product Module Deployment
Bringing Tanium Patch, Deploy or other product modules into production

Expanding Tanium Adoption / Use Cases
Executing projects including replacement of legacy systems, security hygiene reviews, and incident detection and response

Take Your Tanium Success to the Next Level

Maximize ROI with Chuco Tanium Assurance​ (Managed Services)

Chuco Tanium Assurance is a subscription service providing organizations with comprehensive levels of support and assistance. Managed by a dedicated point of contact, we work with you on a engagement scope that offers you the specific scope, level of involvement, and cost that best suits your needs. And as your needs evolve, so can the nature and degree of our support.

Chuco Tanium Assurance — Available Services & Engagement

Dedicated Chuco Account Manager (CAM)
We assign an expert from our team to join yours. A dedicated point of contact, they’ll learn your people, processes and IT infrastructure. When called on to execute Tanium projects, they’ll put hands on keyboard. And when circumstances warrant, they’ll mobilize other Chuco experts to contribute

Chuco Availability
We’re typically available Monday through Friday during business hours (9am – 5pm). But for clients looking for extended support, we can accommodate after hours and weekend availability.

Health Check Assessment & Analysis
At least once a year, we can conduct a thorough review of your overall Tanium experience. As part of this exercise we create a report suitable for both technical and management audiences, outlining our joint progress, documenting your Tanium ROI, and identifying opportunities for even greater returns.

Tanium Core Maintenance Services
Comprehensive and consistent system upkeep is critical to long term Tanium success. We can take the pain out of maintenance by making sure that clients are live, that new endpoints are integrated, that the Tanium server is up-to-date and bug free, that critical problems are troubleshot and resolved, and more.

Tanium IT Operational Services
We can help your team get the most out of Tanium IT Operations products. That includes hands-on-keyboard management of system and software updates via Patch and Deploy, scanning and troubleshooting via Discover and Performance, inventory via Asset and Map, and the creation of custom reports.

Tanium Risk and Security Services
Our team can enable you to take full advantage of Tanium’s risk and security capabilities. Whether you’re looking to improve hygiene across systems like firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection, improve visibility and control through new reporting, or manage remediation of specific issues or incidents, we bring the experience to help you manage risk enterprise-wide.

Additional Service and Support for Special Projects
Chuco Tanium Assurance offers extensive levels of service. But as your adoption of Tanium grows, you may want to tackle tasks that are outside the scope of “what comes standard,” to tackle special projects. We can work with you to supplement your existing engagement with us with one-off tasks and support.