About Chuco

Our Story and Strategy

Tanium Specialists with Unique Skills

Tanium’s unified endpoint management and security platform offers organizations unprecedented visibility and control over their IT environments. Today, with the rapid shift to remote and distributed working, these capabilities are critical. And that’s why, facing growing and urgent needs to effectively keep systems patched, software updated and security issues in check, companies are increasingly turning to Tanium.

Staffed by seasoned experts, including the original leadership of Tanium’s product engineering and customer success teams, our consulting business focuses solely on executing Tanium projects.

These organizations look to Chuco to implement and scale Tanium across environments ranging in size from as few as 5,000 to over 1 million endpoints. And we consistently deliver on their demanding requirements.

Our Commitment to Client Success​

Tested and proven by a broad set of clients, trusted and recommended by Tanium itself, Chuco offers a unique combination of skill, specialization and service.

We put our reputation on the line, taking responsibility for the promises we make and the work we do. We’ll engage and execute in the way that’s best aligned with your preferences and priorities. In many cases, that means we’ll actually put hands on keyboards and execute directly in your environment.

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Kevin Chu, CEO

Kevin founded Chuco in 2016 with a mission to deliver independent Tanium consulting and implementation services. 

A former Tanium executive — previously serving as vice president of technology and head of technical account management  Kevin saw firsthand the tremendous growth and opportunity the Tanium platform offers.

At Chuco, he’s assembled a focused team of experts, including several fellow Tanium veterans, ready to provide insight, execute projects, and accelerate your organization’s success.