Tanium Managed Services:

Premier Service and Support from Chuco

Why Engage a Managed Services Approach?

  1. Your organization has no trained, or limited internal Tanium resources

  2. Your organization wants to move fast to stand up or extend Tanium adoption across
    its environment

  3. Your organization wants to delegate operational management of Tanium to external experts

  4. Your organization sees strategic advantage in outsourcing Tanium administration and responsibility (e.g. enabling internal staff to focus on other priorities, avoiding need to hire additional FTEs)

Chuco Managed Services for Tanium

When it comes to driving customer success, Chuco’s significant experience means organizations consistently achieve the Tanium results they expect, on time and on budget. 

As a managed services provider, Chuco is trusted by clients to support them long term, throughout their key operational use of Tanium, in areas including:

Chuco Managed Services for:
Tanium Patch — Fully Managed OS Patching and Updates

  • OS patching and lifecycle management

  • Monthly / OS Upgrades

  • From Operationalization to Patch Compliance in Months

Chuco Managed Services for:
Tanium Deploy — Centralize Application Installs/Updates

  • Quickly install, update, or remove software

  • Custom install packages

  • Windows 10 upgrades

  • Self-service enablement

Chuco Managed Services for:
Tanium Asset —  Comprehensive Inventory and Reporting

  • Comprehensive inventory of hardware and software

  • Automate reporting

  • CMDB enrichment


Chuco Managed Services for:
Tanium Discover — Visibility Across the Enterprise

  • Real time network device inventory, in your inbox

  • Customized historical environment data

  • Industry-leading visibility

  • Compliance-supporting data

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