Integrations Through Sensors and Packages

This is a multi-part series describing the three primary ways that customers and partners typically use Tanium to integrate with other technologies and platforms. This is the first of three integration types, and you can read more at Getting Started with Tanium Integrations.

This is the most common path to start with, especially as customers and partners get ramped up with Tanium platform. The implementation requirements needed to complete this kind of integration are basic — all you need is a general understanding of how to use the Tanium Console and how authoring works. This kind of integration relies solely on creating Sensors (and Saved Questions of course) to monitor for data on the endpoints, and Packages (that get deployed as Actions) to affect change when needed.

Sensor and Package-based integrations are quick and easy to implement. In fact, many vendors that want to claim an unofficial “Tanium integration” will go this route.

Basic Sensor and Package integrations are limited in nature and are confined to the Tanium Console. If you need more than basic data collection or endpoint manipulation, this is not for you.

If you skipped over the Cons section, go back three spaces and read it. This kind of integration is great when you are integrating Tanium with another technology that is agent-based. In most cases, you can actually create a lot of value with this integration type by being able to report back on agent health and configuration, as well as manage endpoints. As a side note, one of my favorite customer stories involves Tanium deploying a large 3rd-party DAT file to 50k+ endpoints because that vendor couldn’t deliver it fast enough for the DAT file to remain relevant.

A great example of this is how Tanium helps with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) deployments. There is a content pack (ask your TAM for it, since its not on the Solutions Page) that allows customers use a long list of Sensors and some Packages to better manage an SCCM deployment.

Tanium Console Authoring Tab